Thursday, January 22, 2009

Linda Blair Turns 50!!!

My friend and personal hero Linda Blair turns 50 years old today. Linda is not only one of the greatest teen actors and scream queens ever - but she is one of the most devoted and tireless animal rights activists and rescuers that you could ever imagine.
Following the success of her challenging Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe Award-winning role in the horror classic THE EXORCIST (1973) and an appearance in the camp classic ARPORT 1975, Linda starred in several highly acclaimed, high-rated and controversial television films.BORN INNOCENT (1974) and SARA T. -PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC (1975) and SWEET HOSTAGE (1975) were among NBC's most memorable TV-movies of the decade.In 1977, Linda returned to theaters in the ill-conceived EXCORIST II: THE HERETIC, which was poorly recievied, though it earned her a Saturn Award Best Actress nomination for her performance.
In 1979, Linda won our hearts again in the cheesefest called ROLLER BOOGIE, a fun and ridiculous cult film which secured her in our hearts as a B-movie goddess. This lead to 1981's slasher epic HELL NIGHT, the 1983 women-in-prison film CHAINED HEAT and 1984's gang war yarn SAVAGE STREETS. Dozens of TV and film appearances followed. In 1990 she spoofed her EXORCIST fame character in the Leslie Nielson comedy REPOSSESSED and in 1996, Linda had a brief uncredited cameo appearance in the box office smash SCREAM.Always an animal lover, over the years, her passion for animals has grown, culminating in her establishing The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, which helps animals in need through adoption and fostering services as well as public education on the plight of homeless and abused animals.If you are a fan of Miss Blair's work–and I know you are–the best way to wish Linda a Happy 50th is not by sending her a gift, but to send a much needed donation to the her wonderful charity. In the past year, LBWF has seen donations decline dramatically due to the strained economy. Linda has worked so hard building the Wellness Center for the animals and contributions are needed now more than ever. This week we saw the beginning of what hope and change can bring. As our new President has stated, volunteering and community service can help change our country. If you are able to volunteer with LBWF, please email them by clicking here!Also, if you live in Southern California and want to adopt a wonderful rescued pet, go here. Among the many awards Linda has won, she also recently received a City of Los Angeles Proclamation for her work with abandoned and abused animals. We love you Linda Blair, Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Doug?:

Interesting blog!
I found it after this poster about BORN INNOCENT; a film that still touches me.
I used to watch it here in my country (Brazil): and seeing in Portuguese is not cool. Then I found it in Youtube (in some languages). I imagine the reaction of the public after the shocking scenes (rape, riot in the end): in this last one I can´t see that scary girl smashing the TV...
The things shown in the film is very common in the real life _ I faced situations like the protagonist faced (bullying/wish to disappear). A difficult age.
The actress acted in great productions.
So, you know her: how lucky.
In 1998, she was in an interview talking about THE EXORCIST: with a Brazilian reporter. She was so nice.
And she is almost 60. The time goes by.

Rodrigo Rosa