Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Greetings

To my faithful blog readers - thanks for sticking with me through the years even though I only post occasionally these days. You can follow me these days on Facebook - where I hope to be more timely in my posting. Hope you all got exactly what you wanted for Christmas! Enjoy these wonderful vintage cards I recently picked up for 25 cents each!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dougsploitation Holiday Dream House

Back by popular demand...
I've been collecting vintage Christmas decorating books and magazines for a few years now, so it's about time I share some of my favorite photos with you all. The above picture is an example of what the Dougsploitation Holiday Dream House would be like. A blazing fire with a highly flammable wreath hung above it. All the fellas would wear red vests and the gals (whether real or factory-made) would be as pretty as could be. Our Reader's Digest Condensed Books would be in year order on the shelf and popcorn would be offered to all guests.
Our white tree would be decorated with red balls and Mariah Carey meets Mothra style butterflies.
Or maybe we'd do a blood red tree simply decorated with White Wing Doves. All gifts would be wrapped in red so as not to stand out from the tree.
In addition we'd have this smart pastel spiral tabletop tree in our green room.
Our dining room credenza will be decked out in throngs of gold garland with gold balls on thick red ribbons hanging in front of the mirror. Who needs to look in the mirror anyway?
Speaking of garland - lets just hang all of it over the living room window. Take a gander at that gold candelabra. Classy, eh?
Our other fireplace would have an amazing Santa with bells and reindeers display. The three stockings add a nice touch to the already festive mantle story.
Our snacks would be served in the most unique ways...who else has a donut caddy? The pretzel tree is a bit sloppy, but I have no idea what's go on with that thing on the right. Any ideas?
And finally, our third fireplace would be adorned with a life-size Baby Jesus coming out of the wreath to greet us. Who wouldn't want to spend the holidays in this Dream House?

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