Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ann Magnuson: Back Home Again

This is where I'll be Saturday night...
A Surreal Romp through the Hills and Hollers of 'Almost Heaven' West Virginia

The Cavern Club Theater in Los Angeles is proud to host a workshop production of "Back Home Again (Dreaming of Charleston)", a new one-woman performance piece by writer, performer, Silver Lake resident and West Virginia native Ann Magnuson.

The show is a loving (if often twisted) reminiscence of growing up in WV with all of its hopes, dreams, good times, sad times and crazy times as well as notes from the long and winding road that took her from Charleston to London, New York, Los Angeles and nearly every continent in the world, always to return 'back home'.

"I have to return to West Virginia at least once every year," Ann has said. "Not only does it give me much needed perspective on this myopic business we call Show, it's a beautiful and often bizarre place that yields a treasure trove of material. And I'm not talking about the hillbilly stereotypes. There is much more to the place; something so unique, strange and, yes, even mystical about them thar hills and hollers that keeps me in its thrall. Like the mythical Brigadoon, Charleston is nestled in a difficult-to-reach valley and exists in its own special world with a colorful cast of characters who feel that they can never leave. Oxycontin abuse and mountaintop removal notwithstanding, "Almost Heaven" is often just that. It is one of the most beautiful states in the nation, yet it can also produce nightmares. Those two states of mind weave themselves into one doozey of a double helix and it's that particular wild 'n wonderful dream state that this mountain mama aims to explore on stage!"

In addition to those dreams, the show will include original songs (including a few Bongwater classics), poetic reveries, comedic monologues and music referencing everything from Disney to Debussy to The Moody Blues to Mae West. To enhance your down home psychedelic experience, Los Angeles- based musician Alexander Rannie will provide a suitable soundtrack with his heavenly harp.

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laura weiss said...

Oh, I wish that I could go. I just saw Ms. Magnuson as I viewed Making Mr. Right for nine gazillionth time. I've been a fan of hers for 22 years.