Friday, December 11, 2009

Oy to the World!

Happy Hanukkah once again from Dougsploitation and THE NANNY, Fran Fine.In the third season of Fran Drescher's amusing class struggle sitcom, the series premiered an unusual animated episode created in the style of the show's groovy opening titles. This holiday fantasy told the tale of Jewish American Princess Fran and her dog Brighton–who are magically transported to the North Pole, where they must battle the evil ice princess known as The Abominable Babcock - named after Fran's "real-life" TV nemesis, stuffy socialite CC Babcock (wonderfully played in the series by Lauren Lane). What I discovered on a recent re-watching of this rare cartoon is that the entire premise is a brilliant homage/parody of every classic holiday special from RUDOLPH to THE GRINCH and everything in between.
Why THE NANNY didn't do a Hanukkah-themed cartoon, the world will never know. While we ponder that, some lovely YouTuber has posted the entire animated show in three parts. Enjoy by following these links:


Eduardo Guize said...

Happy Hanukkah and congratulations for the new banner!

Anonymous said...

i love the nanny