Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Awards Season!

Yes, I know today's the day the Oscar® Nominations are announced. Big bloggin' deal. What's more important is that Dougsploitation has won THREE blog awards!!! These awards mean so much to me because they have been given to me by some of my favorite bloggers.
First up, Pax Romano of the fantastic BILLY LOVES STU blog has bestowed upon me a Lovely Blog Award! Well, Dougie Loves Pax!
Secondly, my cyberpal "LL" of the elegant & tasteful TOUCH OF TUESDAY WELD has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. There's all sorts of rules & stuff that goes with it, so I'll have to do something more formal when I'm not half asleep.
And finally, my friend and filmmaking collaborator Sean Abley of ZOMBIE TRUCK STOP has included me in his Brains for Days Awards - and I could not be in better company!

Thanks guys and keep being lovely, kreativ and brainy!

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