Monday, January 24, 2011

All Things PRETTY

It's been a while since I've updated you all on PRETTY, the smash hit webs series that I am one of the executive producers of.
So, in case you don't know - PRETTY is a hybrid parody of kiddie pageant reality shows (TODDLERS & TIARAS, LITTLE MISS PERFECT) and soap operas. Created, written and directed by Steve Silverman and produced through Velvet Candy Entertainment.

The first 5-episode season followed the travails and triumphs of the Champagne family: pageant dad Michael (Sam Pancake), working mom Ribina (Dee Freeman), their 6-year old daughter Annete Lashondra (Stacy McQueen) and opportiist uncle Ethan (Troy Conrad). Joining them on their adventures were Miss Star Eyes pageantistas determined Parker Kensington Parker (Terri Simmons) and fame-whore Royce Adams (Michael Taylor Gray).
Season 2 brought in a whole slew of new characters and storylines as we met recovering Athesist and Champagne sister Meredith (Kirsten Vangsness of CRIMINAL MINDS), Michael's scheming ex-wife Lucy Devonshire (Jennifer Elise Cox of LOVESPRING INTERNATIONAL) and Lucy's adorable daughter Lily (Isis Silva). Newly crowned pagent director Royce welcomed his new aphenphosmphobic wife Ginger (Alison Quinn) and "his Patrick" (David Robert May).
Additionally, special guest stars this season include GENERAL HOSPITAL's Denise Alexander, KTLA MORNING SHOW's Allie MacKay, Melissa Peterman (REBA, THE SINGING BEE, WORKING CLASS), Madeline Long, Ray Proscia, Larry Michaelsen and Kalimba Bennett. For a complete cast list, go here.
The seventh and final episode of the season begins airing today on the PRETTY website and features our Special Guest Joan Van Ark of KNOTS LANDING fame, along with all the folks mentioned above.
Since our premiere in 2010, PRETTY has amassed dozens of great reviews, has made web series Top Ten lists, and has been nominated for (and has won) numerous awards.
Our PRETTY theme song, GUMDROP THE UNICORN (music by Bret Silverman, lyrics by Steve Silverman) is available for download on iTunes. In addition to the original versions, there are 6 kick ass covers from a batch of talented performers: Jennifer Kes Remington & Pakk Hui, Shelly Rann, Bobby Banuelos, That's What She Said, Naked Peasants and Mary Edwards.
Coming up next, a PRETTY event at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on February 7th. How awesome is that??? So there you have it, an quick update on all things PRETTY!

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