Monday, December 13, 2010

More Dougsploit-decorating for the Holidays

Here's some more snapshots of my Holiday decorating from last year
It's taken me a long time to finally get the white tree I've always wanted, so here it is, all lit up!

It's even quite attractive when not lit up, if I do say so.

Here's my infamous "LP wall" (and the retro lamp I bought at the PASSIONS prop sale in 2008). Notice Sing with Marcy on the lower left. She's be on the wall again this year because nothing says Christmas like a creepy ventriloquist dummy.

This is weird little ornament I found at a local shoppe in Burbank. Santa is darn lucky that house has a raised roof!

A vintage table centerpiece I found cheaply in '08.

This ceramic Santa was a favorite in my New York house as a kid. I shipped him to myself cross country last summer, and now he's proudly displayed in my California home.

Here's a vintage Jewel Brite ornament I got for a buck.

And one in a series of cute diaramas that I found in the Jewel Brite tradition.

I got this vintage Lil Susie Snowflake figurine last fall in Arizona for a few bucks, she has now joined my tchotchke set-up by the kitchen window.

Also by the kitchen window are these wacky elves from my friend Laura's garage. Three in red...

And three in green. My mix of vintage and retro ornaments and decorations has made my budget-conscious Christmas a merry! Additionally this year I've added more stuff from my parent's garage and a few other places - all free and/or real cheap. I hope to have some pix of those as well very shortly.


Aman Chaudhary said...

OMG! I remember Jewel Brite ornaments on the tree as a kid. Awww.... miss those...

Writer said...

I love your elves!

Dan said...

I love your Christmas things. and, Sing with Marcy :-)

TokyoMagic! said...

Love your vintage decorations....and the Xmas album covers hung as art! The song "With Bells On" on that Dolly LP is one of my all-time Xmas favorites.