Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even More Dougsploitation Holiday Decor

As promised, here are some new additions to my holiday decor. All purchased cheaply or acquired for free!
Santa & Mrs. Claus candle holders. These cuties were from my childhood. I "rescued" them from the cold, dark garage on my last visit back home. I think they are much happier in my home than they were collecting dust in New York.
These imports came to me via Whacko/Soap Plant in Los Feliz - $6 for the pair. Not sure what anime characters they are based on, but they are a welcome addition to my collection.
I found this little creepy Santa in a random box in the old garage. It's not from my childhood, but I thought he needed a good home anyways.
I bought this candle duo for my Mom back in the swingin' 70s at the local Hallmark card store. They managed to survive over 30 years and not melt! Glad to finally have them among my treasures.
This pathetic little guy not only lost his nose, but he seems red with embarrassment over the situation. Certainly a misfit decoration if there ever was one.
This plastic garland of bells was part of my childhood, and makes quite a statement hanging over my new Jaclyn Smith Collection drapes from K-Mart!
The candle and base are brand new from Ikea - but the plastic wreath is from the family garage. The perfect blend of new & vintage.
Here's another plastic garland - this one has musical instruments hanging from it. I loved this as a kid - and still do!
And finally, I've added a few dozen new glass ornaments to my white tree. Many are from my family's collection and a few a recently acquired from local thrift shoppes. The blend of old, new, borrowed and found makes for a wonderful Christmas story, and the perfect way to continue the best holiday traditions. I hope your decorating is as fun and meaningful to you as mine is to me. Happy Holidays, Dougsploitation readers!

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Ookie said...

Dude, where do you have room to put all this stuff?