Sunday, January 17, 2010

Better Living through Veridian Dynamics

One of the best shows currently on network TV is a little something called BETTER OFF TED. TED premiered on ABC last season and has had me hooked from day one.
The series features a strong ensemble cast led by the handsome and charismatic Jay Harrington as series' narrator Ted Crisp.

Ted is the savvy and somewhat sensible head of research and development at a soulless conglomerate called Veridian Dynamics.

The cast also includes the attractive and hysterically funny Andrea Anders as Linda Zwordling, Ted's coworker and possible love interest;

the amazing Portia de Rossi (in "the Ann Magnuson role") as Ted's cold-as-ice supervisor Veronica Palmer;

my friend (and fellow vegan) Jonathan Slavin as Phil Myman, half of a co-dependent duo of lab resrearchers;

Malcolm Barret as Lem Hewitt, the other half and sweet Isabella Acres as Ted's young, but wise daughter Rose. Ted's wife left him to raise Rose by himself, but sometimes it seems Rose is raising Ted.

The sight-gag heavy, but smart and truly unique series revolves around the day-to-day doings at Veridian Dynamics and is exemplified by the brilliant mock commercials that run during almost every episode.

Veridian is the kind of company that allows experiments on it's employees and stops at nothings to achieve it's selfish goals which range from creating faux cow meat in a lab to building pumpkins that explode. They also cryogenically froze Phil and designed a cyborg that accidentally shoots children - and all this in the first three episodes alone!

Season One is currently available on dvd, and the second season is being "burned off" by ABC while they decide to renew it of not. I personally feel the show is a much better fit with NBC's Thursday line-up, but hopefully ABC will find a good home for it.

TED is the kind of show that gets better every time you watch it. There are so many great lines delivered so pitch perfectly that you sometimes need to rewind because you are still laughing at the previous line. You can check out Ted and watch episodes at and learn more about Veridian Dynamics here. You can also join the Save BETTER OFF TED Facebook group. Watch TED and spread the word about our TV family at Veridian Dynamics...before it's too late. Family. Yay.

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