Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here's part one (of four) of SCREENING PARTY, a comedy pilot based on the novel Screening Party by Dennis Hensley. I was one of the producers (through Velvet Candy Entertainment) as well as production designer and property master on this film festival favorite. (I even have cameo in part three as a bartender). The story goes like this: Six diverse friends get together to watch, skewer and celebrate the classic romantic comedy PRETTY WOMAN and discover that movies themes--sex, love, money, shopping--reverberate in their lives in unexpected, funny and occasionally touching ways. The pilot stars Ossie Beck, Nora Burns, Dennis Hensley, Felix Pire, Erin Quill and Tony Tripoli. Tune in for part two tomorrow.


Deep Dish said...

I really like this, Doug! Having read the book, I look forward to seeing the rest of the episode. And I might just have to blog about it, too - if you don't mind.

Doug said...

@DEEP DISH - Blog away!!!

Davelandweb said...

It's about time—looks great so far!