Friday, April 2, 2010

Born Again in the DCU

Easter season seems like a good a time as any for a dozen resurrections. In issue #8 of BLACKEST NIGHT, the DC Universe welcomes back to life 12 characters who previously were cosmic zombies.

From left to right we have: former Justice League leader Max Lord (died at the hands of Wonder Woman during INFINITE CRISIS), Professor Zoom (killed by The Flash in FLASH Vol. 1 #324), Hawk/Hank Hall (became Monarch/Extant, later was killed by Atom Smasher in JSA), Jade (killed during the RANN/THANAGAR WAR), Captain Boomerang (died during IDENTITY CRISIS), Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond (also died during IDENTITY CRISIS), Martian Manhunter (murdered by The Human Flame in FINAL CRISIS), Arthur Curry/Aquaman (died several times, most recently in AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS), re-incarnation addicts Hawkman & Hawkgirl (died again in BLACKEST NIGHT #1), Boston Brand/Deadman (originally died during his first appearance in STRANGE ADVENTURES #205, October 1967), and young Osiris (died during the 52 megaseries). It will be interesting to see how these characters' revivals play out in the upcoming BRIGHTEST DAY series and throughout the DC Universe. I, for one, look forward to Osiris to be reunited with his sister Isis and the rest of the much-maligned Marvel Family.

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On Smash said...

You know what bothers me is the lack of respect for the silver age Hawk-Man Katar Hol. They even killed him off page, not even a decent final battle. DC screwed up his continuity post Crisis, hell couldn't Super Boy Prime punch reality again & bring him back.