Monday, April 19, 2010


I spent my birthday weekend (dubbed a "Funspree") in San Diego with some good friends at the Filmout film festival, where three films that I was involved with were programmed. On Saturday night, David Kittredge's PORNOGRAPHY, which I was the production designer on, screened to a packed house. (The film also is running theatrically in New York's Cinema Village).
On Sunday, a fun animated short (that I helped out on a bit) by my pal Dennis Hensley called DIPSHITS starring 4 notorious young "celebrities" screened. This was part of a program that included the wonderful musical BOY CRAZY by my other talented friend John Sobrack. BOY CRAZY is now on dvd as part of a shorts package that includes the wonderful DISH by another friend, Brian Harris Krinsky.

On Sunday evening, another Hensley-directed short, REUNION, which was produced in 2008 for HBO through my company Velvet Candy Entertainment screened before the acclaimed feature HOLLYWOOD J'TAIME.

But an unexpected highlight of the weekend was a little late-night screening called ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Yup, just your average flick about a gay couple fighting religious fanatics, homophobes and a horde of zombies while a spunky Iranian chick combats prejudice and post 9/11 hysteria in small-minded, small-town America. It's a comedy, a horror film and  smart political commentary all rolled up in a bloody good time.
Add all this to non-stop laughs with good friends and an awesome thift store find - a Farrah Fawcett fashion doll - and you have a great way to spend any birthday. Support independent queer filmmaking, thrift stores and your local zombies.

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