Monday, November 26, 2012

THE BIG EVENT: Christmas Around The World?

From last year....

NBC once had a weekly Sunday night "showcase" called THE BIG EVENT that featured movies, miniseries, and specials. While some shows were big events, others were just slot fillers. Not sure what to make of CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD. You decide.
90 minutes of celebrations from 22 countries..that's BIG. Sponsored by McDonalds...that's BIGGER! Hosted by William Conrad? That's BIGGEST! Featuring Vikki ("It Must Be Him") Carr, MGM legend Gene Kelly, French mime Marcel Marceau, Fifth Dimension refugees Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., acclaimed International actress Liv Ullman, TV legend Dick Van Dyke and comedy genius Jonathan Winters. That's pretty BIG. Introducing Scott Beach and Larry Finlayson. Yes - Scott Beach, the original voice of Garfield the cat! And Larry Finlayson - who went on to star, nothing. Looking up Misters Beach and Finlayson on IMBD, you will discover that Scott did much voiceover work and some on-screen acting before his death in 1995 - but Larry doesn't even have a listing. As a matter of fact, this entire show doesn't not have an IMDB entry! How can that be? It even had a TV Guide "close up"... oompah band and Maude Frickert??? And this is not on IMDB? Where's the justice people?
Now I'm beginning to wonder if this show ever even aired at all. It's not on Jonathan Winter's resume, there are no screen shots, just an illustrated TV Guide ad and a clip art nativity scene. I mean if Vikki Carr isn't still talking about it...maybe it was all a dream. Maybe Larry Finlayson didn't exist? Perhaps it was all a McDonald's junk food induced nightmare. But come on , how cool would it be to hear the Trinidad steel drum cover of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"?


laura linger said...

I'm linking to this post over on Touch of Tuesday. Too funny. And I think this was Jonathan Winters before he was Mearth. I'm in a minority...I loved him as Mearth.

Pax Romano said...

I actually think I might have seen this show. I have a vague memory of William Conrad hosting an Xmas special.

Anonymous said...

i saw this when it aired in 1976 . jonathan winters did the funniest "twas the night before christmas " i have ever heard/seen . i literally slid out of my chair laughing !!!
he came out on stage in black tie and in a straight and serious fashion talked about the history of the poem .
[ so far i figured this was going to be boring ] then he tells us maude just got " released" and she would give her rendition . the rest is obscure hysterical tv history . i only wish i could find video of that show .