Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selections from My Library: GAY BOY

I can't get enough of these books. Here's a real classic–Edward R. Jacob's Gay Boy aka Nite Time Original #123. Ninety-five American cents worth of perverse, strange and anguished desires.
Wow. It always amazes me how homophobic these books were. It was like they were written by guys who were gay, but hated every moment of it- and they wanted their readers to get off and hate themselves for it. Also, I love how they try to pass the book off as a "probing study". I guess in case the guy's wife or girlfriend found the book, he could always shrug it off as a college text book for a human sexuality course. And it's not ALL gay cause there's a busty woman pictured on the cover. Right.


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Anonymous said...

Not to be overly critical, but "back in the day," ALL porn novels had to maintain the illusion that they had some educational content. If they didn't, they could be classified as as being of only "Prurient Interest," which means that it could be classified as obscene and the author & publisher could be arrested, fined, or at the least, the Post Office could seize the book. This was also true of straight porn from that period. So, was really just a defense mechanism, not necessarily a statement about the author's self-loathing (which me may or may not have had, as I haven't read this particular book).

Doug said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Anonymous. I guess I'm just too young to know that kind of thing.