Monday, June 6, 2011

Selections from My Library: THE SERIAL

THE SERIAL: A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF MARIN COUNTY was a novel written by Cyra McFadden, first published as a book in 1977, after first being serialized as a newspaper column a year earlier, much like Armisted Maupin's TALES OF THE CITY. A film adaptation, titled SERIAL was released in 1980. The cast included Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld, Sally Kellerman, Christopher Lee, Bill Macy, Peter Bonerz, Nita Talbot, Pamela Bellwood and Tom Smothers. I remember seeing the film in a theater back in the day and liking it tremendously. I forgot that it even existed until I came across this paperback. I think I need to revisit SERIAL very soon.


Marc said...

I love The Serial (the book which I also own) and Serial the movie! Tuesday Weld, Martin Mull, Sally Kellerman - such a groovy cast!

Mike Justice said...

My mom was friends with Cyra McFadden back in the day. She said everyone in their little friendship circle was pea green with envy after SERIAL came out, and conversations about her would almost always devolve into, "Well, you KNOW where she got that from, right? Me! I'm the one who made fun of such-and-such...." As for the movie, all I can say about that is, it IS hilarious. And incidentally, Serial was the first movie in which I saw boobs. I think I was 4.