Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selections from My Library: STRANGER TO HIMSELF and COLD HANDS

He was black...he was homosexual...he was wanted for murder! Joseph Hansen, author of Troublemaker brings us Stranger to Himself! Originally published in 1968 as Known Homosexual. (I am not making this up).
The back reads: "Steve Archer was black and always seemed to be in one kind of trouble or another. When he married a white girl, his family and friends abandoned him. And then his wife betrayed him. Confused and friendless, Steve turned to pretty boy Coy Randol for love and comfort. But when Coy was found brutally murdered, the only person the police went after was Steve!" Actually, this doesn't sound so bad.  The author, Joseph Hansen,went on write 15 crime novels including the Dave Brandstetter mystery series.
Cold Hands by Joseph Pintauro is the story of a "man in a maze of sexual hide-and-seek". The cover reads "She loved him. He loved him–A novel that probes a man's sexuality all the way to the explosive truth..." followed by a quote from The New York Times calling the book "Hauntingly beautiful, moving, splendid".  Wow - not what I might have expected. Maybe it's not so sleazy after all. In fact, the author, Joe Pintauro is an acclaimed writer who used to have a website (link doesn't work anymore).


Writer said...

It seems that "literature" is definitely on a bi-now-gay-later plan.

Rick Andreoli said...

I would've made a mint writing in those days. A MINT! (now you can buy my book on Amazon for like 25-cents. Nice.)