Monday, April 27, 2009

Wouldn't Watch Them with a 10 Foot Poll

A recent Harris Poll released last week asked American "adults" to pick their "two or three favorite television shows of all time." All time, to me = since the birth of television. 1948 or so til today. All time.

Among the top 15 shows getting the most nods, it shocked me that only 2 are considered true classics: M*A*S*H at No. 2 and STAR TREK at No. 13. So,  you may ask "what were the other 11 shows that these people call their all-time faves?"

Well, let's get started with No. 15:

No. 15: GREY'S ANATOMY (ABC, 2005-current) - Okay, how could something  that premiered 4 years ago be your all-time favorite? I've never seen a full episode.
I must be missing something amazing.

No. 14: THE SIMPSONS (FOX, 1989-current) - Holy shit, THE SIMPSONS has been on for TWENTY years. God I'm getting old. Even though I think I stopped watching this show on a regular basis about 10 years ago, it's still funny and irreverent. The feature film was enjoyable as well. I guess it can pass for an all-time favorite.

No. 13: STAR TREK (NBC, 1966-69) - No objection.

No. 12: LAW & ORDER (NBC, 1990-current) Since this show has been on, I've lived in three major cities, had 8 different jobs and did all sorts of crazy shit. Somehow I've only managed to see one episode of this peacock network warhorse. I think I saw LAW & ORDER: SVU twice though. I know people who love this show, so I'll give it a pass.

No. 11: FAMILY GUY (FOX, 2000-current) A show that was cancelled twice for low ratings somehow managed to survive and became the zombie that refuses to die. I've tried at least a dozen times to watch this show (usually because friends think it's so goddamn brilliant) only to find out that it is not only NOT brilliant, but one of the most unfunny and offensive shows ever created. Believe me, I enjoy offensive comedy - when it's actually funny.

No. 10: ER (NBC, 1994-2009) This show finally called it quits. I saw one episode years ago. It was well done, but it made me uneasy and nervous. Give me ST. ELSEWHERE any day.

No. 9: LOST (ABC, 2004-current) Never watched it. Sorry.

No. 8:  TWO AND A HALF MEN (CBS, 2003-current) Who are these people who voted for this show??? Please have them captured and made incapable of reproducing. Thank you.

No. 7: FRIENDS (NBC, 1994-2004) "I'll be there for you..." for 10 seasons. I watched the first 5 or 6. Okay, I really liked it for a while. I'm gay.

No. 6: SEINFELD (NBC, 1989-98) Okay, I was a huge SEINFELD fan - when it first aired. But I haven't been able to watch reruns since it went off the air...I wonder why?

No. 5: 24 (FOX, 2001-current) Never watched even a minute of this right-wing propaganda. Never will.

No. 4: NCIS (CBS, 2003-current) What the fuck? I've never met anyone who has ever watched this show. Most people haven't even heard of it.

No. 3: HOUSE (FOX, 2004-current) My sister is a fan of this show. I watched an episode with her when she visited me last year. It was okay, nothing special. Eh.

No. 2: M*A*S*H (CBS, 1972-83) This anti-war sitcom is a true classic despite Loretta Swit's awful un-1950s hairstyle.

No. 1....Are you ready for this? Any guesses?




ROSEANNE? - A big no.

CHEERS? - Hell no.


THE SOPRANOS ? - Haven't got a prayer.

MARRIED: WITH CHILDREN? - Um, okay...I was kidding.

EVERBODY LOVES RAYMOND? - Apparently not so much.

I LOVE LUCY???!!! - waaaaah...Ricky...

What ever can it ever be? What is America's ALL-TIME favorite TV show??? Drumroll please...

No 1: CSI (CBS, 2000-current) Give me a fucking break. This is the all-time favorite TV series among American adults??? CSI??? All I've got to say is..."is it too late to move to Canada?".


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

This is just weird... Ditto your comments on the Family Guy, all my friends insist it's funny, I need new friends...

Never saw most of these (Simpsons excluded) Saw 24 once, its unbelievably stupid. I used to like Seinfeld, but I can no longer watch it either, its painful.

CSI at #1, WTF? Not Lucy or Mary ? This is why my TV stays off most of the time....

Thanks for the news...

stewy said...

famerly guye is the numba one show . it is so fukking fuuny. yu are so fukking stupit. you do not no wat is fuuny. famerly guys rule!!!! it shuld bee at tha top of yor're american lizt. it is also greaat.

Dark H. said...

CSI ?!?!?!?

What the fuck?!?!?

What age range and IQ of the people did they ask?

I love ER. I got hooked on it when I was working out of the house 5 years ago and watched it in the mornings. Still get a warm feeling when I hear the title music. Great stories and characters.

Still like the Simpsons. Writing is finally getting better.

Family Guy has it's moments so we still watch it.

I tried to watch Greys Anatomy. Sucks!

Lost and 24 have a big following.

Liked Friends but couldn't watch Seinfeld.

Two and a half Men looks funny but can't bring myself to watch it. It even got a special award on the TV Land Awards.

And the

laura weiss said...

God, I hate this country so frigging much.

Just...I'm going to bed. CSI. What a fucking country.

Danny in WeHo said...

How did THE BRADY BUNCH not make it?

I think a lot of the newer shows that made it in are shows that are relatively well done, technically, but appeal to the general audience because it makes them feel smart for watching.
In that way, FAMILY GUY makes them feel hip & edgy.

I can't justify 2 AND A HALF MEN... WTF?