Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Douglas Michael Show with guests Chico's Angels

CHICO'S ANGELS has been an underground cult hit on the Los Angeles theater scene for over half a decade. This summer’s stage show is titled Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas! The gals are getting all dolled up to solve another case - this time on the high seas when Charo hires the Angels to find out who is trying to kill her...and her ocean-going career!!!

CHICO'S ANGELS are Kay Sedia (the pretty one), Chita Patrol (the smart one) and Frieda Laye (the “friendly” one). These three glamorous ladies have been solving crimes, breaking hearts and making us laugh on stage for six years now–and there's no stopping them as they continue to skyrocket to fame as internet superstars.
Recently, the Angels filmed three mini-episodes to premiere exclusively on their website. Their heavenly site features weekly-updated Angel blogs, bios, hot videos, on-fire merchandise, and tickets for the stage show.
Doug: Ladies, Wow! What can I say? I've been a fan for a long time. You all look spectacular. Thanks for being my first three-way, um interview.

Kay: Aye! don be so nasty all the tines!!
Frieda: Oh, that's called a manage a trough!
Chita: Hi and stuff!
D: Let's start with your look. Each one of you has a unique and individual style. Who was your inspiration?

K: Rosarita, from Rosarita beans.
F: I would have to say Farrah Faucett & Goldie Hawn in a paintball fight with Cleopatra Jones.
C: All the sexy Latinas that came before me.
D: I've noticed that all good things (and some bad things) come in threes. Angels,
Brady children of the same sex, Star Wars movies, etc. Did you ever consider have a fourth Angel? If so, who?

K: Only if she's fat and has no chi chi's so that Chita doesn't feel so lonely.
F: Well, there my sister Juana Laye, but she's too mush of a slut to work with us.
C: No way, I can barely put up with the other two!D: With you three appearing all over Hollywood lately, any celebrity crushes or on-set romances to report?

K: Crushes? I prefer Fanta.
F: Aye jes, I always had a thing for Jason Statham, Huge Jackman and Cantinflas.
C: I'm in love with ...... What's today?....oh yeah.....Jake Gyllenhal.

D: As Latina role models, is there any advice you can give to young chicas out there?

K: Make chure it's tight and shiney!
F: Learning to talk Enlitch good, 'cause the peoples will judge ju and think ju don't know nothing.
C: Use a Sharpie #4.
D: I just noticed that your initials add up to KFC - is that an happy accident?

K: No accident, were a bunch of breast , thighs, and dumstick (that's not misspell!)
F: Aye, no! ...but I can tell ju about accidents...
C: No, cause we're tender and finger lickin good!D: What can you tell me about your upcoming webisodes? Any juicy spoilers?

K: Lot's of shirtless men's! And me getting the boys!
F: I'm not allowed to say nothing, cause I signed a competency agreement, but I will say they sexy, sexy and action pack!
C: Kay getting the boys, I hate her!!
D: Any other places fans can catch the Angels? Any trade shows? Parades?
Supermarket openings? Tupperware Parties coming up?

K: I'm on the Garden Grove and Pacioma Tupperware tour at the moment. An ju can find me on my soon to depute web site . Oh and in the basement of a Mexican restaurant doing our thing!
F: In addition to the webs, facebook, myspace and the, I can be found around Santa Monica & Orange depending on the hour.
C: The show has been extended thru August 2nd. You better come or I'll kick you in the shins!
D: Ow, Chita! Okay - I will be there this weekend. Thanks so much for chatting with me, I hope the next time I see you gals will be on primetime TV - because I think you're all more talented that most of what I see on the boob tube these days.

K: Oh, ju chould see Chita wearing a tube top! So funny when et's around her knees!!
F: Aye, thank ju! Now tell me more about these boobs that are like tubes....
C: Thank ju! We hope to be spreading the Chico's Angels love all over the world!

The show's extended run goes until August 2nd - with 2 Sunday matinees added on July 26th and August 2nd at 2:00pm Shows are Thursday – Sunday 8PM. Tickets on sale at Location: Cavern Club Theater inside Casita Del Campo Restaurant 1920 Hyperion Los Angeles, CA 90027

Kay Sedia: Born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Kay is the youngest of 18 children and the prettiest of them all. Chico discovered her from an ad for girdles in the Penny saver Magazine. When not being chased by hunky hotties and creepy criminals Kay finds time to make a modest living selling Tupperware . Kay’s job title is detective/model/Tupperware sales lady, but any crime she uncovers is always by accident. Kay thinks of herself as voluptuous and the pretty Angel.
Frieda Laye: Fredida was born in what is known as La Frontera de Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez Mexico, or as it's come to be known across the border, J-Town. Frieda was left under the door mat of a convent, Las Hermanas de la Madre Guadalupe de los Chavos. She realized that her destiny was to be one of Chico's Angels and that she was to use her special abilities to fight crime as a private investigator. ...and to supplement her income as a private dancer as well. Frieda is proud to be one of Chico's Angels, and while she may not have the brightest halo, it is the blondest.
Chita Parol: She was born in East Los Angeles, California as a first generation Mexican/American. As the smart one, and angry about it, Chita keeps focused on the job, except for those small moments, far and in between, where she gets to shine. She never seems to get the guy, mainly due to her anger management issues. She’s working on that, and getting better. Now she only hates everyone just a little bit. Chita fancies herself the pretty one.


Danny in WeHo said...

Hey Doug!
This is great!

And your green room is awsome!!
Chile con soy carne? Who knew?
(By the way, that literally translate to Chile with I am meat)

David said...

Hi Doug! I enjoyed the interview with Chico's Angels. I've been a long time fan of theirs as well. Lots of laughs! Thank you!