Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad Men

With the excellent AMC serial MAD MEN returning tonight for a third season, I thought I'd take a look at some awful advertising from the decade after the golden age of advertising. The 1970s.
"I was flat till I went fluffy, but I still looked like a serial killer".
"Hi Hal, this is Neil from Maybelline. We couldn't decide which tagline to go with for the Fresh Lash campaign, so we decided to go with all of them. Now just slap 'em in an ad with lotsa pretty pictures and we'll be done with it, Okay?"
"Can we make encyclopedias look sexy? We sure can! How about a pleasantly attractive older woman dressed like a stewardess rubbing her right breast on the back of a teen-age boy's head while she straddles his shoulders? His smile alone will sell about a million sets!"

1 comment:

laura linger said...

LOL! Yeah, that last one reads like this:

Mom Of The Official Uniform: "My child can learn what he needs, week after week, while I enjoy keeping within the family budget at the A&P!"

Redheaded Frankensprog: "Good thing I'm sitting, 'cause the pictures of the naked apes totally gave me a boner!"