Saturday, August 8, 2009

People Who Read People

Inspired by my friend Laura over at A Touch of Tuesday Weld, here's a couple of tasteful fashion ads from People Magazine circa 1977.

It's more like "Lynda Carter wants you to rescue her from the wilderness and take her shopping for something that does not look like a goth version of a Holly Hobbie quilt."
What the hell is she wearing on her head? She must have fallen off the marble pillars earlier. I hope that wrap stopped the bleeding, because I would not want any blood to get on his lovely white blouse. What an attitude!


Deep Dish said...

Made me smile. :)

laura linger said...

How did I miss this? This is so unbelievably great! And I think my Mom made me and my sister a version of Lynda's dress to wear on Sundays, circa 1978. Mom is a superb seamstress and because we were so poor, all of our clothes in the Seventies were homemade.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Carter is sexy and i would buy that dress and wear it 2009 and get a date in an instant!