Thursday, October 22, 2009


Regular readers know I usually don't blog about current or recent releases because you can find that kind of stuff all over the internet. But I just finished watching Sam Raimi's 2009 return to horror and just had to say I could not be any more pleasantly surprised.First of all, DRAG ME TO HELL is that rare "box office hit" which actually lives up to it's hype. It's so much fun, and so original and flawless it's hard to believe that it came from today's Hollywood.
The gifted young actress Alison Lohman (from the short-lived FOX soap PASADENA–which died way before it's time) is terrific in the lead and I can't say enough about the wonderful Lorna Raver who plays gypsy madwoman Mrs. Ganush. It's great to see a hard-working character actor get a meaty, memorable role, albeit a grotesque one.
While not bloody, the film hits a 10 on the gross-o-meter with several "ewwwwwww" moments, but it's all in good fun. You may not want to eat while watching this. DRAG ME TO HELL is a twisted, spooky roller coaster ride of a film, just perfect for the Halloween season. 10 outta 10.
The vintage Universal opening logo and end tag are an added bonus for lovers of 1970s flicks.

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