Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. Franics of Assisi

Okay, what? Doug, the ex-Catholic blogging about a saint TWICE in one weekend? Well, yesterday when I posted my review of Sam Fuller's WHITE DOG, in which the unnamed dog attacks and kills a man inside of a church before a stained glassed window of St. Francis of Assisi –I had absolutely no idea that today (October 4th) was the animal-loving saint's "holy day"!
St. F of A was the founder of the Franciscan friars and is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment - so basically he's the coolest saint in my book. He's kind of like if Ed Begley, the Dog Whisperer and Dr. Doolittle merged and became a monk. So if you're gonna believe in any of that stuff they teach you in Catholic School or not - just go and be kind to an animal today (and every day) in honor of Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone.


Writer said...

I'm not Catholic, nor very religious, but the song "Prayer for St. Francis" as sung by Sarah McLachlan, is probably one of my favorite songs in the world. I typically without thinking about it sing it to myself at least once a day.

laura linger said...

When Jane and I were young lassies in Catholic school, we were taught by Franciscan priests and Poor Clares. This was at St. Lawrence School in Lafayette, IN. Last I heard (via my mother, who of course is STILL a member of the parish), the Franciscans left and now the church and school are run by Dominicans.

There is so much that I hate about the Catholic faith, so much that I have left the Church, but you know, sometimes I really miss it. I miss going to Mass. Maybe that sounds crazy, but it's true.

Ookie said...

St. Francis rocks! He triggered the end of the feudal system by teaching egalitarianism. He promoted living in harmony with nature. He humbly spoke the truth to power. He personally made the most successful peace talks with the Muslims during the Crusades. And his actions were all based on Christ's teachings, folks.