Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Here's a re-post from 2011.

The Rutles were born over 50 years ago when Ron Nasty met Dirk McQuickly in Liverpool. They soon hooked up with guitarist Stig O'Hara, and they formed a trio. After finding drummer Barry Wom living in their van, the Rutles were born. A fifth member named Leppo joined, but disappeared after crawling inside a trunk. They soon became known as 'The Prefab Four'.In 1961, one-legged chemist Leggy Mountbatten discovered the boys playing in a club. He disliked their music, but enjoyed the cut of their tight trousers. He soon became their manager, signing them to Parlourphone Records. Their first single was I Must Be In Love.They recorded the first album in 20 minutes and by 1963 were a huge success in the United Kingdom. In 1964, Rutlemania exploded internationally, including the states, the group's first film, A HARD DAY'S RUT was released later that year.
Their success continued as they became stars on record, in movies and on magazine covers. The film OUCH! followed in 1965.
In 1966, Ron Nasty was quoted incorrectly as saying that the group were 'bigger than God'. However, he had actually said they were bigger than Rod Stewart.Teen-age girls loved The Rutles and teen-age boys wanted to be them.
In 1967 the Rutles masterpiece Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band was released, though rumors quickly spread that they wrote it under the influence of tea, which Bob Dylan introduced to them. TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR followed featuring the hits W.C. Fields Forever and I Am the Waitress. In 1968, a 'Stig is Dead' rumor spread quickly, prompting Barry Wom to stay in bed for a year.
The group's final release, Let It Rot. was recorded in 1969. The band soon fell apart when McQuickly sued Nasty and O'Hara, Wom suing McQuickly, Nasty suing O'Hara and Wom, and O'Hara ended up accidentally suing himself.
A retrospective TV documentary called ALL YOU NEED IS CASH aired on NBC in 1978 ushering a new wave of 'Rutlemania'.A sequel, RUTLES 2: CAN'T BUY ME LUNCH was released in 2007.


Anonymous said...

That one guy looks exactly like Eric Idol

laura linger said...

John Lennon LOVED The Rutles, and it is said that it further softened his outlook toward the whole Beatles experience, namely Paul McCartney, his musical cosmic soulmate, with whom he had been on the outs pretty much since 1970.

I think that, had Lennon lived, you would have seen the two of them work together again. Alas, it was not to be.

McCartney has written many songs about losing John. My favorite is "My Brave Face," from 1989. Beatles Obsessives know that that is a direct reference to John's stage fright on the first Ed Sullivan show. John remarked, "I've just gotta put on my brave face and do it."

Ever since you went away I've this sentimental inclination not to change a single thing...(McCartney has never been able to bring himself to say that John was shot to death.)

Sorry...this is hardly about The Rutles...never get a Beatles Freak started. ;-)

Doug said...

Dear Anonymous,

Eric Idle?