Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another World 50th Anniversary: The Hunks of Bay City

ANOTHER WORLD always had it's share of handsome and dignified men of all ages.
Above we see Sandy Cory (Chris Rich), Mac Cory (Douglass Watson) and Jamie Frame (Stephen Yates). Sandy and Jamie often dated and married the same women.
Above: Perry Hutchins (David Oliver) and Carl Hutchins (Charles Keating). Perry was killed accidentally by Vicky Hudson.Above: All the male cast members circa 1982, including Morgan Freeman who played architect Roy Bingham. In the 80s and 90s, dignity went out the door...and pecs and abs became the norm.
Tomas came to Bay City with amnesiac Sharlene Frame. He stuck around and romanced Maggie Cory (the daughter of Sandy Cory and Cecile DePoulnignac).
Scott LaSalle was the son of Reginald Love. He romanced young Cheryl McKinnon, even though they had the same "mother", Mary McKinnon.
Sam Fowler was Mitch Blake's artsy young brother who romanced Amanda Cory.
When Robert Kelker-Kelly returned to AW he came back as race car driver Bobby Reno, who was gifted with the eyes of the late Ryan Harrison - and was paired with Ryan's widow, Vicky Hudson. Through some convoluted circumstances, Bobby turned out to be Dr. Shane Roberts. Then he was killed in a car crash along with Vicky's dad, Michael Hudson.
This is Ryan (and Vicky) before he died and lost his eyes. It was revealed that he was Carl Hutchins' son, making him Perry's half-brother.
Rafael was just basically eye candy. A throw-away character who took off his shirt a lot.
Mark was the third actor to play Nick Hudson, son of Michael Hudson, and the easiest on the eyes.
Cass Winthrop's brother was a doctor with very comforting bedside manner.
Rachel Cory and Mitch Blake's son Matt grew up to be a fine young man - and his cougar-ish girlfriend Donna Love made sure he spent much time shirtless.
Joe Carlino was the good-guy cop that won Paulina Cory's heart.
Another cop, Gary Sinclair was paired with officer Josie Watts (daughter of Sharlene Frame and Russ Matthews).
Iris Wheeler's son Dennis was played by several actors, most notably Chris Bruno.
Dean Frame was an annoying character. There were many more attractive men who passed through Bay City. If you have a favorite that I've left out, drop me a line.
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FeliciasKid said...

Lovin' Doug's multi-part tribute to my fav show of all time, Another World!!

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Thanks Felicia's Kid !!!

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Hank Cheyne--mmmm good. Thanks for the beefcake, Doug!