Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another World 50th Anniversary: Super Couples

In my previous posts I've mentioned some of the super couples of ANOTHER WORLD. I've touched upon Sandy & Blaine, Catlin & Sally, Michael & Donna, Sam & Amanda, Ryan & Vicky and even Matt & Donna. But there are some fan favorites which need further examining.Dashing construction magnate Steve Frame (George Reinholt) romanced lovely nurse Alice Matthews (Jacquie Courtney).The two were married on AW's 10th anniversary in a lavish hour-long special. Included above are Liz Matthews (Irene Dailey), Russ Matthews (David Bailey), Jim Matthews (Hugh Marlowe), Robert Delaney (Nicholas Coster) and Iris Carrington (Beverley McKinsey).Alice's brother Russ (played Sam Groom here) was snared by bad girl Rachel Davis (Robin Strasser). But Rachel didn't want Russ...Rachel (now Victoria Wyndham) wanted Steve!
And Rachel won Steve - by getting pregnant with his child.
After Steve "died" ( he came back in the 80s played by David Canary), Rachel, the shrew was tamed by the love of publisher Mac Cory (Douglass Watson).
Rachel almost destroyed her happiness with Mac by cheating with Mitch Blake (William Gray Espy).
Rachel and Mac had their times apart, but their love always brought them back together. Mac died off screen when Douglass Watson passed away.Rachel's widowhood led to several short-lived romances, culminating with her unlikely marriage to Mac's nemesis Carl Hutchins (Charles Keating). This time around it was Rachel who tamed the lion.
Another great couple from the 70s were Sam & Lahoma (Jordan Charney and Ann Wedgeworth). This duo proved so popular that they were spun off to SOMERSET. The two were later reunited on THREE'S COMPANY.
Police officer Larry Ewing (Rick Porter) tamed sexpot Clarice Hobson (Gail Brown)–making an honest woman of her.
Cass Wintrop (Stephen Schnetzer) was a great match with Cecile DePoulignac (Nancy Frangione). (See here with John Hutton's Peter Love).
But Cass was also great with Kathleen McKinnon (Julie Osburn), until her death.
After mourning his wife and  a bad experience with Nicole Love, Cass finally found love again with Frankie Frame (Alice Barrett), until she was killed as well.
In the tradition of Larry and Clarice, good guy cop Joe Carlino (Joe Barbara) found love with Paulina Cory (Judi Evans).
And officers Gary Sinclair (Timothy Gibbs) and Josie Watts (Amy Carlson) make a great, sexy duo.


Helen said...

I have virtually stumbled into your blog and WOW, does it bring back memories. I used to watch Another World every day and had forgotten many of the characters and story lines. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a puzzling list. You mention Joe and Paulina, but fail to mention Jake and Paulina, Jake and Vicky and even Vicky and Ryan. There's a few other who I picture in my mind but can't remember by name. Still, this brought me down memory lane. I loved watching Cass and Frankie, and it broke my heart when she died.

Doug said...

Sorry you found my post so puzzling.

I touched upon Ryan & Vicky in an earlier post (on the hunks of Bay City). Jake's history was also previously explored, so I felt I didn't need to dwell on it here.

With 35 years worth of couples, I tried to show an example of a broad range from our the years rather than concentrate on the few characters you mention.

I do agree that Frankie's brutal murder was heartbreaking.

Dianna said...

Thank you for posting this - it's lovely to see the image of Lahoma and Sam. If you have any other pictures of Ann Wedgeworth from the show w/ her fellow castmates, I'd love to see it.

~ Ann's Daughter