Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another World 50th Anniversary: Opening Titles

Debuting on May 4, 1964 - the daytime soap ran for 35 years before the network brass finally decided to ax it. If  the show was still on, it would be celebrating it's 50th anniversary on Monday. To mark this occasion, I will be devoting my blog to my memories of ANOTHER WORLD.

I was less than a  month old when AW premiered, but I think I remember my mom and grandmother watching the show from the very first black & white episode.

When I was old enough to understand what a TV was, I think I was mesmerized by the updated color opening titles. The interlocking circles in various shades of purple and blue was both pretty and comforting. Here, see for yourself:
This opening and theme song were a constant during the 1970s when AW was at its peak of popularity. They were replaced in 1981 by an odd science-fiction inspired opening that lasted throughout most of the 80s.
A new theme song sang by country music diva and AW fan Crystal Gayle and Broadway star Gary Morris debuted in 1987 along with flashy new graphics featuring cast members. It was updated occasionally as new actors joined the show and others left. 
The final opening from 1996 was bold attempt to make AW look like the primetime hit, ER.
I have watched other soaps over the years (mostly on NBC), but somehow no matter how bad AW got (and boy, did it get pretty bad) – I never gave up on it. I guess it was part of my life for so long that it kinda had a life of it's own. There are some days when I wonder whatever happened to the folks of Bay City, characters who felt like family to me. Then I remember, it was just a TV show with actors who got paid to perform scripts written by a team of writers...and then I get sad.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Fun post Doug, but did ya have to end it with "just a TV show with actors who got paid to perform scripts written by a team of writers" I was a huge "All my Children" fan, are you telling me Erika Kane and Pine valley aren't real? Say it aint so????

Deep Dish said...

Have you read "Eight Years in Another World" by Harding Lemay? If not, find an old copy ASAP--you'll love it. A fascinating history of the show back in the 1970s when Alice, Steve, Rachel and Iris were the main characters.

Danny in WeHo said...

Fortunately, I don't mind name-dropping here, because it truly is something close to my poor pop-culture-littered heart.
Losing ANOTHER WORLD was saddening.
I followed Jake & Vicky to AS THE WORLD TURNS (and am still watching) but eventually they were killed off (Don't worry, Marely & Donna have the twins now). Cass would drop in now and then to help Oakdalers with legal stuff, but it seems he hasn't felt like making the drive from Bay City, for a long time. Luckily, I can still see him in pill commercials. Then, I started meeting cast members of the show and every time I do it's a body trembling treat!
My favorites are:
Denise Alexander (Mary McKinnon)-my friend Steve surprised my by having her call me and sing happy birthday to me. A THRILL! She's so sweet & honest. Even though she's known me for over five years, I think she's still a little scared of me because I always call her "Mary".

Chris Rich (Sandy Cory)- my friend Brett worked on the set of REBA and when I met Chris I said, "You were ONE of my favorite Sandy Corys!" to which he replied, "You need to get a life." all very good humored. I run into him randomly once in awhile and he is always the sweetest man on the planet!
Finally, Judi Evans Luciano (Paulina Cory)- My friend Steve and I were doing a show and he just walked up to her in the NBC parking lot (where he worked- don't get crazy ideas) and asked her if she'd be in it. She said "yes," soon after. She was so fun, supportive and nutty (in a very good way). I love these people, not just because they played favorite characters in a favorite show, but because they are genuinely nice, giving, good people. And that what keeps Another World fresh in my heart!

awtribute said...

Thanx Doug for the memories....I too was somehow drawn in by those multi-colored circles, always wanting to know how they did that, but something during that grade-school age kept me from actually sticking my foot in my mouth like that! Never really cared for the last excuse for a logo/opening. The 1981-1987 one and the Crystal/Gary 1987-1996 one have their moments for me, but the 1967-1981 logo/1975-1981 theme are the mega classics for me! Thanx again Doug, and happy 45th AW!!

PS::: I have AW fan sites on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, btw