Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday I blogged about MAN FROM ATLANTIS - the TV series. Now let's take a look at some cool Mark Harris ephemera.
I believe this psychedelic key art is from the VHS release of the TV-movie pilot. What the hell is wrong with his eye?
This is the cover of a British annual. Notice how the mysterious Mr. Schubert is looking at Mark!
Here's a Tiger Beat Magazine profile of dashing young heartthrob Patrick Duffy! "Here He Is!"

"The Man Who Makes THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS Live". A bit hyperbolic?
Here's a gallery of underwater pulchritude courtesy of the Marvel Comics Group.
A couple of more slabs of beefcake from the Might Marvel Bullpen.
Interesting how Mark only has nipples some of the time. I guess it depends on how cold the water is?
Here's an in-house trade ad ("Mighty Marvel Does It--AGAIN!") and a cast pin-up by future PUNISHER artist Mike Zeck. I think there's a hint of nip there.

And finally - here's a print ad for a Dip Dots Painting Design Book. I guess you could paint your own nipples on Mark using the pink paint. Or not. Well, that's all the crap I have on MAN FROM ATLANTIS, probably more than you ever thought you'd want to see, eh? I'm just waiting for some studio to announce a MAN FROM ATLANTIS feature film. Who would YOU cast as Mark Harris?

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Ookie said...

One reason I could never get into "Dallas" was because it was too crazy having the Man From Atlantis on the show. Too bad MFA couldn't get better scripts.
While some episodes were kinda dull, some were bats**t crazy! Between playing "Arnold" on Happy Days and playing Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita was reduced to playing the ridiculous "Moby the Imp". Then there was the carny "supervillain" with an electrified "plug" for a hand. And the one where he meets Romeo & Juliet. Oddly, my favorite one was the completely inexplicable story of Mark Harris meeting his twin back in time in the Old West.