Sunday, May 15, 2011

Celebrity Deaths Update

I've missed a bunch of celebrity deaths over the past month or so. After Liz Taylor, we lost a whole slew of talented folks including Loleatta Holloway (born 1946), Lanford Wilson (born 1937), Farley Granger (born 1925), Sidney Lumet (born 1924), Sol Saks (born 1910), Marie-France Pisier (born 1944), Phoebe Snow (born 1950), Yvette Vickers (born 1928), Poly Styrene (1957), Marian Mercer (born 1935), Jackie Cooper (born 1922), Arthur Laurents (born 1917), Dolores Fuller (born 1923), Norma Zimmer (born 1923) and Sada Thompson (born 1937).
I remember this gripping episode of FAMILY in which Sada's character awaits the results of a biopsy. A strange marketing decision by ABC shows an inappropriately whimsical logo for the series in an otherwise grim TV GUIDE ad. Notice the guest appearance by NANNY & THE PROFESSOR's Kim Richards.

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laura linger said...

Yes, I was terribly sad to hear of Sada's passing. Clips of FAMILY are incredibly hard to come by, much less whole episodes, but I am always blown away by her acting prowess on what I manage to find. Thanks for remembering it, and her...