Thursday, July 21, 2011


No, this isn't the true story of Dixie Carter's conversion from a Democrat to a Republican, but a wacky TV movie about nuns and hookers - two of my favorite things starring two of my MTM favorites the late Suzanne (BOB NEWHART SHOW) Pleshette and the amazingly ageless Cloris (MARY TYLER MOORE, PHYLLIS) Leachman. This is one that I'm gonna have to hunt down because what's funnier than a whore in a convent? NOTHING! Why this wasn't turned into a weekly series, I just don't know. If I ran CBS this would have been the cornerstone of an entire line-up built around both nuns and prostitutes. They could private eyes, crime scene investigators, roommates - every tired cliche could be turned on its proverbial head with a little injection of DIXIE. All "heaven" could have broke loose indead!

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R.A.M.'67 said...

I don't think a series of Dixie would be quite as funny as this ad is!

Why does the ad's focus seem to be on Pleshette's left breast? It looks like the two prostitutes are staring at it, and Suzanne's blocking Leachman's left hand from touching it!

As for "all 'heaven' breaks loose"....


Best laugh I've had all day! Fun post, Doug!