Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Random TV GUIDE Ads - Political Science Fiction Double Feature

Nothing goes better with a shaggy dog story than political satire. In fact, this ABC FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE DOUBLE FEATURE could be more timely in 2011 than anyone ever thought. First up, FOR THE LOVE ON BENJI - in which America's favorite stray somehow gets lost in Athens, Greece! That's right - Benji is forced to live on the streets in poverty in the ruins of the Acropolis! With Greece in the news these days because of a bankrupt government and rampant poverty, looks like Benji should have took a holiday elsewhere. Meanwhile back in the states, Uncle Sam has also run out of money - and the government decides to hold a telethon to raise cash in AMERICATHON. In addition to the US becoming in debt over our heads  to foreign leaders, this 1979 feature also predicted: Nike becoming an international conglomerate, China embracing capitalism, Vietnam becoming a tourist destination, the collapse of the USSR and other trends like reality TV and smoking bans. This forgotten all-star gem is now available on DVD via the WARNER ARCHIVE COLLECTION. So there you go, an ABC Double Feature that predicted the future!

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Writer said...

I don't know what's more frightening...the timeliness of the two...or how freaking young John Ritter looks! :)