Saturday, February 4, 2012

Enough with the Dead Celebrities...Let's Fly Away

Man, they are dropping like flies, aren't they? Things are so bad I'm forced to lighten things up with a blog post I was originally planning way back in September 2011 - when PAN AM was the hottest thing on TV. Remember PAN AM?
Well, I for one was very excited about this show. When I first heard about it, I thought it would be right up my runway. After all, I've been a fan of Pan Am - the vintage airline - since as far back as I could remember. In fact I've been crazy about flight attendants since I was a wee lad.
After all, what's not to love about Pam Am stewardesses?
Well, after watching about 2.5 episodes of PAN AM...I realized I'd rather look at old ads from the 60s than watch a painfully annoying show about bland characters.
Like this one.
Other TV shows and films tried to capture the thrill of the airline experience.
Films like COME FLY WITH ME (1963).
How great is this poster? Even in French...
And then there's BOEING, BOEING (1966)...
And the awful Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle VIEW FROM THE TOP (2003). What a stinker!
A much better film which used Pan Am as production element was Spielberg's CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (2002), which I believe is currently having a second life as a big splashy Broadway musical.
On TV, there was the adaptation of the saucy novel COFFEE, TEA OR ME? (1973)
The ABC MOVIE OF THE WEEK version was a bit tamer.
Starring Karen Valentine and John Davidson.
Looks like the original book has been re-issued by Penguin. Didn't they used to publish classics?
Another attempt by network TV to capture the stewardess experience was the CBS dramedy FLYING HIGH (1978-79).
Starring Connie Selleca, Pat Klous and Kathryn Witt.
It was called a "jiggle show" or "CHARLIE'S ANGE:LS in the air."
Looks intense.
Apparently it's still popular somewhere...
Years later, FOX gave us THE CREW... 
 Yes, THE CREW (1995-96) from Marc (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) Cherry starring soap icon Lane Davies.
A little more racy was the British series MILE HIGH (2003-05)...
Which was kind of a throw back to the sexploitation flicks like...THE STEWARDESSES (1969)...which was in 3D.
 Or STEWARDESS SCHOOL (1986) featuring Donny Most, Judy Landers and Sherman Hemsley!

I'm not gonna go into the AIRPORT series of films, but I really must mention that the all-time best Airplane movie is, of course AIRPLANE! (1980).
But by all means, avoid the sequel...
...and avoid PAN AM. Is that show still even on?


Ookie said...

What didn't you like about Airplane II: The Sequel? That may have been the first time Shatner went all out parodying himself.

Doug said...

My main problem with the sequel is that it was "unauthorized"...Paramount made it without the original filmmakers.

I've seen AIRPLANE! about 100 times and it still makes me laugh - I recall seeing the sequel once in the theater and it just made me groan. I guess I should see it again...can't be any worse than PAN AM. :)