Sunday, April 29, 2012

Domestic Smackdown 2012: Level One, Rounds 7-12

Continuing the first level of the Domestic Smackdown competition I ran on Facebook.
ROUND 7: Rosie the Robot of THE JETSONS demolishes MAUDE's Mrs. Naugatuck with 73% to 27%. Snaky commentary from a voter: "Rosie. Otherwise she'll send robot assassins back from the future to murder your mother before you were born."
ROUND 8; Lurch of THE ADDAMS FAMILY verses Tony from WHO'S THE BOSS? Lurch wins with an astounding 79%, sending Tony back to the dugout. "No one anticipates their employer's needs better than Lurch. Plus, I could listen to that harpsichord all day long... petite."
ROUND 9: Adelaide Brubaker of DIFF'RENT STROKES took on BEULAH (star of her own the 1950s!). Sadly Beulah Brown didn't stand a chance with Adelaide scoring 66% to 34%. Notes a fan: "Adelaide! Extra points for Nedra Volz sitting in a urinal in the movie "Moving Violations."
ROUND 10: Another DIFF'RENT STROKES housekeeper, Pearl Gallagher took on upstart Mickey McKensie of WE'VE GOT IT MADE. Needless to say Pearl too this round with 85% verses Mickey's 15%. "Pearl, if only for her past life as the model for Chubby Chick hosiery."
ROUND 11:  Geoffrey of FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR vs. Mr. Charles Carson of DOWNTON ABBEY. No contest. Carson @ 90% verse 10% for poor Geoffrey. "Carson would have noticed and brought it to Mr Banks immediate attention when Vivian suddenly turned into that lady from Franks Place."
ROUND 12: Nlies of THE NANNY took on Rosario  Salazar of WILL & GRACE! Rosario sweeps with 80% to Niles' 20%. "The Members Only jacket may be the push that knocks her into the lead."
So there you have it - going on to LEVEL 2 are Benson, Mrs. Garrett, Florida Evans, Nell Harper, Mr. French, Lurch, Adelaide, Pearl, Caron and Rosario! To be continued...


R.A.M.'67 said...

Don't forget Mr. Belvedere! :D

Doug said...

Belvedere was in Round 6 - beaten by Mr. French.