Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Search of "Sonseed" - Day 4

As I continue to gather clues as to who the elusive members of "Sonseed" really are (as opposed to the fake bios I've invented for them - see below), I received an email from Larry at Vinyl Rehab:
"...i don't know anything about them except i think they are from brooklyn ny. the album is white with a plant beginning to grow"

Hmm...Brooklyn? I guess it makes sense since the lead singer is named "Sal," a very Brooklyn-esque name. Wait a minute - Brooklyn??? - that's where I was born!!! What if this quest to find out more about "Sonseed" is also where I find out something about myself? This is where, if this was a movie trailer, the announcer would mention "the triumph of the human spirit". Wow...I hope I'm not becoming "born again"...but what if it's my destiny to not only track down "Sonseed, " but to join them in their crusade??? Imagine me...a member of a groovy Christian ska band..Um, no way. Anyways, Larry also sent me the track listing for the album:
"BORN OF THE FLESH" - sounds like a horror film!
"ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE SONG" - didn't Prince write this?
"JESUS IS A FRIEND OF MINE" - YAY! The classic! And all along I've been calling it "Jesus is My Friend". 
"THE GOSPEL SHIP" - A Disney theme park ride?
"SONSEED" - wow, a song about themselves! Like when "Le Chic" recorded "The Freak"
"THE OPENED DOOR" - sounds spooky
"SAIL ON" - a sequel to "Come Sail Away"?
"OH HAPPY DAY" - another classic
"GETTIN' BACK" - Is this their rap song? opposed to "gettin' front"?
"AND THE FATHER WILL DANCE" - wasn't this on FOX last season?
"SAY YES" - "Yes!!!!!"

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Rick Andreoli said...

I love this thread... it's feeling very Da Vinci Code (only even more dramatic!)