Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Awards & Angels

Dougsploitation is proud to accept the prestigious Premio Dardos Award, bestowed upon us by the lovely and talented Marc Harshbarger of DEEP DISH. It is an honor to be recognized, so of course I'd like to thank Jesus - because you can't win an award without him. After all, "Jesus is a Friend of Mine". 
This award is designed to recognize unique voices and visions on "the interweb" as well as to promote fraternization/community spirit amongst bloggers of all sorts. The way this award works is: once received you (meaning me) must nominate five other blogs that you think are worthy of the award and then they will each choose five and so on and so forth.  Sounds like fun - but to be honest I've had a long busy day and I don't want to unfairly judge other bloggers at this very moment–so instead please enjoy a two new preview episodes of CHICO'S ANGELS starring my glamourous friends Kay Sedia and Frieda Laye.


Danny in WeHo said...

Goodness, those Angels sure are... pretty?
I like the guy at the door! Now, that's entertainment!

London Still said...

I just want to applaud your use of the word "interweb"... I use it often for dramatic effect or when I am weary from saying the overly long phrase "Al Gore's THE INTERNET."

Great blog, and thank you for "Jesus is my friend" it ... is AMAZING...