Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Farrah!

California blonde superstar Farah Fawcett turns 62 today. We wish Ms. Fawcett the happiest of birthdays and hope that she has many more. Farrah has appeared in some of my favorite films, including 1970's MYRA BRECKINRIDGE.In 1976, Farrah was seen the sci-fi classic LOGAN'S RUN.
Her fresh breezy style helped her land a lead role on CHARLIE'S ANGELS.
But her bathing suit nipple poster made her into an icon.
Her image could be seen everywhere. From coloring books to Halloween costumes and fashion dolls.
Farrah shocked critics and gained legions of new fans when she scored the lead role in the controversial NBC TV-movie, THE BURNING BED. Suddenly, Farrah was a highly sought after actress!After a few more acclaimed film and TV roles, Farrah pulled a 180 and decided to pose nude for Playboy magazine.
The Playboy spread and accompanying body paint videos erased some of the credibility that she had established over the previous few years.
Sadly personal tragedies and illness have plagued Farrah over the past few years, but Dougsploitation hopes we have not seen the last of the fabulous Ms. Fawcett. The world loves a comeback, and Farrah baby, you are overdue.


Writer said...

She IS every woman!

laura linger said...

It makes sense that you would know about, and like, Myra Breckenridge. I love that movie too. It is one of the most misunderstood in history, I think, as to what Michael Sarne was trying to do.