Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday & Other Missed Opportunities

Because I've been on a two-week road trip from LA to Orlando, Florida (and back) I've missed opportunities to blog about things such as Friday the 13th (the day, not the movie franchise), Valentine's Day, Abe Lincoln's big birthday and most recently Mardi Gras. Oh well, sometimes life happens and when your Disney hotel doesn't provide free wifi, it's just not worth the trouble of paying $9.99 a day for internet service.
So I apologize to my faithful readers and I assure you that once I am back in my home office I'll be back to my old blogging self with lots of new posts about bad movies, TV, pop culture and the part 2 of my tribute to the great African-American divas.

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dark said...

OK Herbie with eyes is just plain creepy!! Hope you guys had fun at Disney World.