Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Premio Dardos Awards

Last week, Dougsploitation was bestowed the prestigious Premio Dardos Award, and now it it my turn to dole out the honors to five of my favorite fellow bloggers. Of courses there are many other blogs that I enjoy on a regular basis, but these five are the ones that keep me coming back for more (for various reasons). So, with no futher ado, here are my picks (in alphabetical order):

COMICS AND THINGS - Tony Z's funny and informative look at what's hot and what's not in the world of comic books and collectibles. Also his GOLDEN AGE SUPERHEROES is a well-researched and fascinating look at many forgotten classic characters.DAVELAND BLOG - Dave's awesome collection of vintage Disneyland photos of memories is truly magical. Even if you've never been to Disneyland, this site stirs up memories of the child in us all. Dave's original artwork blog is also worth checking out.SHIRTLESS SUPERHEROES - What can I say? I'm a sucker for a half-naked super-hero. Who isn't? This site uncovers all the greats. You'll be amazed how many comic book characters spend as much time out of costume as they do in costume!THIS AND THAT - Not always safe for work, this blogger is self-described as "liberal, intelligent, passionate, sensitive, queer, activist-somewhat, music lover, dancer, frustrated, handsome, beautiful, sexy, libra, aggravated, aggravating, reactionary, reader, dreamer, perverted, witty..." What's not to love?
...and last, but certainly not least is the always safe for work VINTAGE DISNEYLAND TICKETS - more great Disneyland memories as seen thru and amazing collection of promotional materials and advertising. I'm constantly astounded by what I see here and inspired to make my blog as enjoyable.


Writer said...

Thanks, Dougsploitation! I'm so honored. And I'm currently doing that flapping hand in front of my crying face thing that beauty queens do. ;)

Tony Z™ said...

Wow! Thank you! You're such a sweetheart!! I'm flabbergasted!!

Sorry it's taken me awhile to acknowledge and accept it. I've tried to come up with a good excuse, but basically I'm just a lazy ass.