Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dippity-Do Flippity-Do's

From the Dougsploitation swipe files...a fun little ad featuring some of our favorite groovy chicks from the 60s sporting some of the best do's in town. Seven of our favorite gals are featured...anybody want to try to name 'em all?
You can try to guess your best in the "comment" section below.


John Deuel said...

Well, your tags gave away the ones I could already name. The two in the middle of the top row are familiar, but I can't place them and your tags aren't helping me there. I got Marlo, Barbra, Barbra, Elizabeth, and Patty.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great ad, my mom used to use that stuff, by the early 70's it came in a large plastic tub! Unique smell as I recall...

I'll give it a shot.. This is with no help from Google or the internet, from the top left:

1. That Girl (Marlo Thomas)

2. The 2nd one is soooo familiar?

3. Cat Woman (Julie Newmar)

4. Patty or Cathy Lane (Patty Duke) What a crazy pair!

5. Agent 99 (Barbara Feldman)

6. Genie or Mrs. Nelson (Barbara Eden)

7. My favorite of all time, Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery).

Who is the second one? That's gonna bug me all day....

endora said...

a) marlo thomas
b) debbie reynolds
c) tuesday weld
d) patty duke astin
e) barbara feldon
f) barbara eden
g) liz montgomery

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

"b) debbie reynolds"! Thank you! Although it sure seems like she doesn't belong with the rest of these girls....

"c) tuesday weld" I'm sticking with Julie Newmar, but hell, I was a year or two old when this photo was taken so what to I know!! LOL...

Great post Doug!

Randy said...

a) marlo thomas
b) debbie reynolds
c) julie newmar
d) patty duke
e) barbara feldon
f) barbara eden
g) elizabeth montgomery