Friday, March 13, 2009

Rugby Songs (Volume Two) by The Jock Strapp Ensemble

My good friend Wyndham gave me this LP cover oddity a few years back - and it still leaves me speechless everytime I look at it.  I mean, I can totally appreciate the cover photo, but what's really going on here?
Well it looks like The Jock Stapp Ensemble are back for another volume of traditional Rugby songs - ditties that have entertained fans for, um hundreds of years? Some of the songs included are  "The Portions of a Woman" (sounds like a French film about an axe murderer), "Balls to Your Partner", "Large Balls", "The Harlot of Jerusalem" (this sounds a wee bit out of place here) and "Yo Ho, You Ho, Eskimo Nell" (this sounds very out of place here). Unfortunately the record was not included in the package, but maybe I can find The Jock Strapp Ensemble on iTunes. Maybe not. Either way, it's certainly a conversation piece - and it got me thinking as to what a Rugby Songs cd might look like if it came out today. Maybe something like this:


Writer said...

I feel like the songs would be much more "manlier" nowadays. :)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Oh my, is that for real? Well, its looks real! Speechless indeed... "Balls to your partner" and "Large Balls", I thought you were kidding, but your not! Hey, the're cute! P.s. your "Before Photoshop" post was a blast, thanks!

Anonymous said...
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