Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Nudists

Who doesn't love old photos of unattractive people doing things they shouldn't be doing...nude? Well, I sure do! This is an old favorite of mine.
Yes - people circa 1960-something participating in some sort of beauty pageant - in the nude. Well, it looks like we have a couple of winners! I have so many questions. Were they a couple? Were they married to each other? Were they swingers? Did they have kids? What ever happened to them? Now 40 years later, are they still nudists? Do their grandkids know about this photo? Do they blog about their days at the nudist colony? Are they on Facebook? I just gotta know. I know my readers may have some possible clues to who these people are and what their story is - so feel free to submit your theories!


laura weiss said...

If there was a way I could live my life without clothes, I would totally do it. It's my RIGHT as an AMERICAN to insist that everyone view my saggy tits.

Madeline said...

my husband's grandma was a nudist, she apparently had an amazing old Hollywood type pool and everyone swam naked as was the rule. the grandkids with grandma, and grandma with her pals.

When I think of my Irish immigrant Grandma doing the same I am horrified and creeped out.

Writer said...

There should be a committee (something along the line of American Idol) that gives people nudity licenses... ;)

But, hey, I thought you said "unattractive" - I think the peeps in the photo are quite attractive.