Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The International Cave of Batwomen

As a follow-up to my post on DC Comics' Batwomen, here's a fun look at all the other Batwomen who have appeared in campy cult films over the years.

1966's THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN starring Katherine Victor. I've seen this (in 3-D) no less, and it's a giant bore.
From Mexico: 1968's LA MUJER MURCIELAGO aka THE BATWOMAN starring Maura Monti.

I believe this incarnation includes nudity, softcore sex and Mexican wrestlers.

The poster below is pretty awesome.

From The Philippines: 1972's BATWOMAN & ROBIN starring Robin Aristorenas.
This one also features Catwoman and key art that looks like it's directly take from a DC Comic.
And it even had a sequel (also from 1972): BATWOMAN & ROBIN MEET THE QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES!

Love the oversized combined BATWOMAN AND ROBIN logo! I think I need to see these. Anybody out there have a bootleg copy to lend me?


filomeno2006 said...

Frau Fledermaus

Evan Snow said...

I remember seeing "Batwoman and Robin" when I was stationed in the Philippines! The running gag in it was when the Catwoman's henchmen would announce her as "Ang Babae ng PUTA!" (The Bitchwoman), to which she would rapidly shriek "PUSA!" (cat). The Batmobile looked like a beat up Dodge Rambler with a spray painted bat on the side that wasn't even stenciled. Hysterically bad, I'd love to have it AND the sequel!