Thursday, September 8, 2011


Still figuring out my thoughts on the DC Comics "new 52" - while I think there are some talented folks involved, I see this as a good point to drop many comics from my weekly pulll list. So far, one week in, the entire "reboot" feels like another Elseworlds stunt to me. I'll reserve my judgement until after I read the handful of titles I've decided to continue buying, in the meantime enjoy this cool graphic showing the history of the DC logo.


R.A.M.'67 said...

The late '70s DC "bullet" was well-designed to have lasted as long as it did. I think Todd Klein (known more as a letterer for DC) is supposed to have designed it.

As for all this "rebooting", I don't know what to think; I agree this must be yet another stunt to draw in new readers AND annoy older readers at the same time!

Ookie said...

DC originally stood for Detective Comics. (as we already know)

Anonymous said...

The DC Bullet was actually designed by Milton Glaser!