Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Holiday Stuff

From 2009: Throughout the year whenever I come across some Christmas-themed images I file them away and hope that I remember to blog about them. Well this year I've been so busy that I almost forgot to share them with you, my loyal readers.

Lucy & Desi give the gift of lung cancer in special holiday-themed cigarette packaging from their friends at Philip Morris. Something wonderful happens when you give Philip Morris!

These ladies know what it's all about: getting gifts and sparkling like a living Christmas tree!

Don Holliday and Companion Books bring us the timeless Christmas classic, Holiday Gay featuring seasonal tales of half-naked Santas and dirty little elves engaging in a traditional holiday orgy. Ah, my people...

Gibson Cards has a wonderful thought for everyone this holiday season - even Molly, who's clearly a bit on the simple side.

This was seen at a local Big Lots store - Santa's bending over to warm his big fat butt just in time for Mr. Snowman to deliver him a stocking stuffer of a carrot!

And finally, something a bit sentimental. An Advent calendar given to me by my late Aunt Vicky when I was a mere child. This glittery bible-quote card has been with me every year for the past 40 years or so. I will treasure it always as much as my memories of the sweet, warm and funny lady who gave it to me. Merry Christmas!

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Ookie said...

I hope that Santa doesn't fart into that fire. That could be explosive!