Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas From Our House To Yours

The Green Apple Co. released this wonderfully dreadful holiday craft book sometime during the late 70s or early 80s. Clearly they did not have the budget to hire a professional photographer to make these homemade design "suggestions" look like something that anyone would want to undertake.

Let's start with the eye chart, um I mean banner. The alphabet, followed by three rows of images: 1) wreaths 2) gingerbread men 3) stockings. Then "From our house to yours" and a quaint image of a snow-covered gingerbread house. Followed by a row of trees, the numbers 1 through 9 (WTF?), a row of candy canes and finally a row of gifts. Did I mention the MERRY CHRISTMAS border and the gingham loops at the top? Oy vey.
Next yp we have this lovely (?) wreath pillow. Well at least I THINK that's supposed to be a wreath.
Ah, Rebecca's Christmas stocking. More gingham and a cheerful snowman make this suitable for flinging into, er, I mean "hanging by" any fireplace!
In case little Billy forgets where he's supposed to sit at the dinner table, why not remind him with this stylish place setting? After all what's better at catching crumbs and gravy spills than a white swatch of fabric?
And finally - what's the holidays without a small box decorated with label with a clever "Christmas Recipe"? I sure hope someone toils away to make me one of these this year! So there you have it - horrible crafts to avoid at all costs, from the Green Apple Co.

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