Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foodsploitation: Banana Salad Bazaar

Two foods that I never considered combining are Bananas and Salads - but apparently back in the 1950s the Banana Lobby tried to get American housewives to add bananas to the family dinner salad. In fact they had an entire cookbook called BANANA SALAD BAZAAR!
Banana Salads ARE filling; a proactive food.
Banana Salads SUPPLY vitamins A, B12, C and G (?); essential minerals and food energy.
Banana Salads OFFER attractive color combinations (it actually says that!!!)
Banana Salads AFFORD variety and flavor.
Looking at this photo it looks like Banana Salad also features iceberg lettuce, strawberries (with stems still attached), skinned orange slices, hunks of cheese, either small avocados or rotting cucumbers, really wet grapes and some weird white shit divided by thin apple slices. Banana Salad Bizarre.

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