Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Foodsploitation: Meat You Can Drink

Here is the cover of a cute, sweet Apple Tasting Recipe guide/pamphlet from Mott's Apple Sauce...
 On the back there is a coupon for the infamous drink called Clamato - Tomato Juice infused with clam juice.

Why anyone would want to drink clam juice is beyond me. But obviously people did. Enough people, in fact, that Mott's "improved" the tomato again with something call Beefamato.
That's right, Beefamato...the other red meat drink...for people who can't get their steaks rare enough, here's a glass of cow blood to have on the side. Not to be outdone, the folks over at Wyler's decided to introduce a hot broth drink and market it as a coffee substitute. Because who doesn't want a steaming cup of poultry flavor instead of tired old coffee and tea?

I guess this was a i970s trend that died with the decade. Or perhaps not, because I recall recently seeing a brand of beer that has a tomato, lime and clam juice "flavor". Stuff like this makes me proud to be vegan.

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