Friday, April 8, 2011

Foodsploitation: Rest of the Story

It's been a fun two weeks for me posting these vintage cookbook covers, recipes and ads from my family's collection - and I hope regular readers have been enjoying this change-of-pace from the usual celebrity death reports, comic book nostalgia, movie reviews and other pop culture stuff I usually blog about. I thought I'd go out with a bang today with a smorgasbord of items from the 1950s through the 1980s - in no particular order.
 First up, we have this awesome cover from Crisco's Easy-As-Pie Recipes. Gotta love that illustration.
 As well as this great graphic accompanying these helpful Pastry Hints.
Let's flash-forward to the 1970s when everything burger-centric had to have MAC in it's name. Presenting the DoubleMAC hamburger cooking device. All I remember about this is that every burger that we cooked on it tasted like some chemical shit and we stopped using it about about a month and went back to cooking burghers in a pan.
Here's the Crisco lady's friend from the early 60s - she's got a head full of meal ideas, but seems frustrated on how to plan the whole she-bang. Too bad she can't time travel to the 1980s to learn the secrets of successful microwaving!
Yes - an entire series of cookbooks dedicated to microwave cooking? What's to know? Just press the damn ON button. I currently do not own a microwave oven, because not only do I not like rubbery food,  I'm convinced that they are harmful to us and one day will be looked at the way we look at saccharin. Remember Sweet 'N Low?
 The Farm Journal Family Test Group (whatever happened to them?) apparently thought you needed to sprinkle chemicals on your fresh fruit to make it sweeter. It looks, acts and tastes like sugar. Bull shit.
But wow - you can save 8040 Calories if you buy it in the bulk Kitchen Economy Package. Given the seal of approval by Good Housekeeping, this is a fitting end to my Foodsploitation series. Thanks for reading!

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