Monday, November 10, 2008

Fucked Up Religious Pamphlets - 2nd in a series

Marjorie (to her neighbor Rona, who is visiting) : Awww, isn't she adorable? All dressed in her new pink jammies and crawling on the carpet. I'm so glad we recently had it shampooed! No nasty germs for our little girl.
Rona : She's such a doll, Marj. You and Bob are wonderful, Christian parents. Opposite sexes and all.
Bob (from the other room) : Hey honey, have you seen my hypodermic needle? I haven't shot up all day and I'm really jonesing for a fix!
Marjorie : Oh, Bob - you and the black tar heroin! You're always searching for satisfaction! No - I did not see your needle - I suggest you check in the last place you shot up!
Rona : Men! My Jerry is always misplacing his crackpipe!
Bob : Thanks, honey– I think if I retrace my steps...hmmm...I think it was the living room.
To Be Continued...

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