Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hollywood Liberals vs. Real Americans

If you believe the GOP (and by the results of last week's election - very few do)–there are two Americas: them & us. Basically it's the big city folk verses the country bumpkins. Wouldn't it be great if some TV network took a well-balanced in-depth look at this issue? It would require two big hours of prime-time to fairly cover such a broad range of topics. Viewers could choose a side and maybe by the end of the program, see what it would be like to walk in the other's shoes. Well, back in 1980 NBC already did this. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the CITY VS. COUNTRY SHOWDOWN!
Yes, that's right, hosted by QUINCY himself, Jack Klugman - two teams of "celebrities" competed in stunts such as  country "chores" like chasing a greased pig, milking a cow, and throwing hay bales. Yee-haa! To balance things out, several "city" events like basketball, jump rope and "chicken fights" in a swimming pool were also mounted. How urban! This makes US AGAINST THE WORLD sound positively riveting.  The "City" team included Charlene (DALLAS) Tilton (I would have thunk she was country!), Larry (CHiPs) Wilcox, Bowzer from Sha Na Na, Linda (DYNASTY) Evans and Grant (EIGHT IS ENOUGH) Goodeve. The "Country" team featured Tanya (TNT) Tucker, Melissa (LITTLE HOUSE) Gilbert, Glen Campbell, Barbi (HEE HAW) Benton and Susan (GOLDENGIRL) Anton. More than 20 Hollywood Stars!!! Wow - what a trainwreck! I wish I had this on VHS - Does anybody out there have it??? This would make a great Thanksgiving viewing party.

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