Monday, November 3, 2008

VOTE as if your life depends on it.

Okay, readers. I woke up today to find that my NO ON 8 lawn sign had been stolen overnight. For those of you who do not live in the state of California, Proposition 8 is
a ballot measure that would overturn state law and make same-sex marriage (which is now LEGAL in California) illegal. This proposition has been heavily funded by the Mormon Church (which doesn't even have a strong presence in the state) and the Catholic "charity" group Knights of Columbus. These two "Christian" groups and other contributors have spent way over $50 million dollars that could have been spent helping poor, hungry or sick people (you know, the kind of people Jesus cared about) - to take away MY RIGHTS as an American. And now, they have taken away MY freedom of speech by absconding my lawn sign. The lies and misinformation the YES ON 8 campaign has been spreading makes me sick. Claiming that churches will lose their tax-free status (which I think they SHOULD) and that the poor little children will be taught about gay marriage in public school (no - they'll learn about it from their own bigoted parents) - are all lies. So - if you live in California and haven't voted yet, please VOTE NO ON 8 - vote against discrimination, vote for equality, vote against the religious right and vote for fairness. Why should MY marriage make your marriage any less valid - and to think Mormons are critical of anyone else's marital rights!!! Don't get me started.

...and VOTE OBAMA!!!
PS...ignore the  YES ON 8 "public service" Ad that Google placed below - I'm trying to have it removed!


terri said...

thanks for posting, Doug, some things are more important than pop culture!

no on 8!!!

d.s. said...


Laura Linger said...

I hate Mormons. Living in Arizona, we have throngs of them roaming our streets and they are nothing short of a menace.

And the Knights of Columbus are nothing but a bunch of drunks. I grew up with KoC, being raised Irish Catholic and all. You have it on my very good authority that my assessment is sound.

If I could help you out with my vote, you know that I would, friend. We have some similar ballot measure that is just about semantics. It wasn't enough for the right-wing slackjaws to have gotten their little hate legislation passed in the next election. No, no...they want the wording a certain way now.

You know what? Let's elect Barack Obama and get this goddamned country back to something approaching sanity.

jesus said...

fucking mormons

Anonymous said...

Well, the fundamentalists don't like Catholics or Mormons, and the Mormons don't like the Catholics or the fundamentalists and . . .--but they can get together when it really counts! To deny other people their civil rights.